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The only thing we love more than food is celebration.

That is why every summer we hop from festival to festival, avoiding commercial events and instead looking for the finest Psytrance and Techno festivals that our whole crew loves.


-Foodtruck: ca. 6m front, 3m depth, three sides open to public. Also possible: 4m front and 7m depth

-Cooking/Storage area: 6x4m additionally behind the truck.

-If working with hut or tent: at least 2,5 x 2,5 m plus cooking/storage area.

-We provide a chill-out in front of the truck


Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas, Empanadas, Papas Fritas (homemade potato poutines), coffee


2,5 - 11 EUR


min. 10,5kW, 1 x 16A 400V

max. (better!) 21kW, 2 x 16A or 1 x 32A 400V


Fixed connection if possible, otherwise access for canisters.


200 servings per hour peak

800 servings per day

With a heads up preparation and thus higher capacities are possible


0049 157 83771780

Stanplan 4m Front
Stanplan 7,5m Front


Simon Sybertz

Mobil: 015783771780

Our Food


Most important to us is the festivals commitment to vegetarian or organic food. Within that framework we are quite flexible. While our biggest strenght is mexican street food, we often also offer coffee and german "Handbrot".

The Truck

We prefer to work in one of our two 40 year old trailers, since in there we're the most efficient, and putting it up is quite easy.

If possible we provide a little chill-out in front of our truck.



If it is not possible to work in our food truck we build individual tents or huts. We've built everything from clean and simple tents, to christmas market huts, but definetly blend in with the location every time.

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get us to join your festival!


Contact us at:

Please include date, fees and potential limitations on what we can offer.

Note that we are mostly interested in Psytrance and Techno events that focus on offering vegetarian or organic food ;)

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